We are specialised in audio productions for museum auto-guides and interactive and descriptive guides. We work with the leading international producers of audio-guides and so our voices can be heard in the most important museum centres in Europe and the Middle East. We develop professional speaking services in all languages for audio-guides produced and used throughout the world. We use the services of professional translators, with years of study and translating experience behind them. You can listen to our voices at Neues Museum in Berlin, the Izmir Museum in Turkey, at the Colosseum in Rome and at the Zentrum "Paul Klee" Museum in Berna, etc.. Also for an audio-guide, the choice of the right voice is an important step to take with great care for a successful final result. As a result, if you decide to trust in our experience, by request we will supply a customised casting on the basis of your instructions. We will select for you the voice demos with the most appropriate characteristics for carrying out your project. Contact us for a quotation.