Text translation

Translation and transcription

Our mother-tongue professional translators have years of study and translating experience behind them. They are always attentive to the quality of the work which is performed at an appropriate price and in a reasonable time. The main factors affecting the price of a translation are:
the length of the text, delivery times, the language combination and the type and difficulty of the text
The length of the text is measured in standard-length pages. As a rule, one standard page is composed of 1375 characters, spaces included.
Another important factor is the language combination, that is, what language the original text is in and into what language it needs to be translated.
Finally, the type of text (narrative, commercial, technical manual, website, comic) and its technical difficulty also plays a fundamental role in the pricing.
Professional translators specialise in a certain sector of expertise, to acquire a deep knowledge of the concepts and terminology specific to their sector. This is the case for technical texts in the industrial or engineering sector, for medical, financial and legal texts and so on; to translate texts of this type it's necessary to know what you're talking about and how to talk about it. That's the reason why we assign translations to a translator specialised in a certain sector according to the type of text.


Why assign your translations to us?


1. Because we have a team of professionals that offer numerous services, from transcription to translation and the review of contents; every piece of work is assigned to the translator with the most appropriate skills to do the job well and quickly.
2. We offer a secretarial service that interfaces with the client and the translator, reducing the risk of errors.
3. Before being delivered, every translation is reviewed by another translator, with a "crossed revision" mechanism in order to guarantee maximum precision.
4. If you have to carry out an audio-visual project, we offer speaker, dubbing and voice-over services together with the translations, allowing you to save time and money with a service assigned to a single contact person.
Do-it-yourself translations, using automatic platforms and devices are imprecise and you risk translating texts with incomprehensible or even meaningless phrases, contrasting with the original text, creating a disservice to the client and a generating translation full of "horrors" that could damage the image and reputation of the brand.