Max Martirani Founder of Audiomaxnet
Max Martirani Founder of Audiomaxnet

We've been putting voices everywhere since 1984

Audiomaxnet, putting experience and professionalism at your service for 40 years, develops ideas and carries out all essential services for audio-visual communication thanks to the support of its competent and creative team. The company was established thanks to an idea of Max Martirani who, combining his two great passions, radio and "voice", founded the Audiomax audio productions centre on 7 February 1984. At the beginning the focus was largely on radio commercials and speaking for audio-videos.

Audiomaxnet was set up in 2006, an audio-visual production factory that broadened the services offered, also adding dubbing and voice-overs to just speaking. Always keeping up with ideas and technologies, we also specialise in audio-video synchronization, working, in particular, on the dubbing of videogames and animated films.

In 2015 we enhanced our wide range of services, proposing also translation and text review services for all the languages in the world.

Which offers a rapid and intuitive service for the selection and casting of localised talents throughout the world. Our services are dedicated to companies, industrial groups, organisations, public bodies, advertising agencies and private individuals. Whatever your project, we can take care of it, following the production process together set-by-step, for a winning final result.