Our expertise and technologies for your projects

Choose the most suitable service for your business. Don’t you have time? Let our team take care of everything. We will follow the development of your project step by step.

Services and solutions for any kind of strategic planning

  • italian and native casting voice
  • native voice talent localization/li>
  • Remote recording
Animations e Whiteboard animation
  • original drawings and illustrations for video animation
  • storyboard writing to create animations and videos
Copywriting e translations
  • text conception for radio commercials (copywriter services)
  • certified translations
  • subtitles
  • shooting, synchronization and addition of a soundtrack
  • musical bases royalty-free
Dubbing and Voice over
  • documentaries
  • TV commercials
  • movies
  • animations
  • Tv series/li>
  • videogames
  • video animations
  • corporate videos
  • medical videos
  • educational videos


  • radio commercials
  • educational games
  • audiogames
  • e-learning
  • corporate e-training
  • audio guides
  • audio books
  • multimedia products
  • IVR
  • answering machines

Audio projects? Come with us into the recording studio

Get a casting on Voicecommunication, our voice talent agency, select the voice and the language for your needs.
Led by a qualified direction, the work take shape. During the production the art director provides the essential informations to the voice talent. The voice tone, an exact diction and the interpretation are essential for an highly professional work. At the end of the recording, the sound engineers take care of the sound, add captivating musics and sound effects that blend with the voice, creating an high quality product. At the end of the recording you can choose to:

  • Receive the audio file in your favourite format cleaned by any errors.
  • >Receive the audio file in your favourite format cleaned by any errors and synchronized to the images.
  • Receive the “”finished” video file in the required format and ready for use. In this case, voice and music are synchronized to the images.


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